‘The Crazy Mom of Many’

Welcome to my crazy life! I am a mom of 9. I am now in the stage where I don”t have any babies, and I have 3 adult children. I have homeschooled, now we do public school. We were once a very conservative Christian family, being dresses only, now we wear everything. We were quiver full, I suppose we still are, and was (not anymore) married to a strong “Christian” man as the head of the house hold, akc sometime mean and abusive. I am not saying Christian men are abusive, I’m saying mine used his “Christianity” as an excuse of the abuse he dealt out.

However now its just me and the kids, has been for 6 years now. I have hard working children with hearts of gold. I have a few kids with someĀ  learning disadvantages, a few with some emotional triggers from their dad that’s getting better with time. Oh, and my oldest has dreads but dose not fit the stereotype. We, as a group have been through a lot, so we are an insanely close and tight family, dad hasn’t been in the picture for years.

We have actually never fit the typical stereotype anything. We have been through a lot, some wonderful and some dreadful times, As a mom that has been through all the stages from a preemie baby, all the way to adult children, I have a lot of stories to share. I do see the upside in any situation. I learned long ago that I must see and cherish the good and try to smile through the bad, the best I could as we had so much bad. It was the only way to survive.

I have many experience to share. I will share the good and bad. I don’t have a specific goal in this blog, I just want to share. You never know, I might help someone through some hard times.



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